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Our mission is to prepare your child for life, both life on earth and life everlasting with Jesus. Our academic curriculum embraces a classical model that teaches our students how to think and reason, not just the information they will need for life. We integrate faith throughout our program so our students will be disciples of Christ, drawing from the depths of the Catholic faith and its influence on culture.

School History

The history of Saint Frances of Rome School began in 1923 with the founding of the parish. The first mass in the new parish boundaries was celebrated on February 25th in the Clifford Theatre. A temporary church building was set-up shortly thereafter, but the real work began in the fall of the same year when ground was broken for a Spanish Mission style church and school building. On August 24, 1924, a group  from the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word arrived; it is they who would staff the school at its beginning. Two days later, they held the first enrollment for the school; seventy five students enrolled for the new school year.

Over the years, as the school grew, the need for a new school building was recognized. In November of 1948, ground was broken at the corner of Austin Boulevard and 14th Street for a grand school building in the Italian Renaissance style. Completed in 1950, the new school building house more and more students, to 1,150 by 1964. With so many students, a middle school building with chapel and kindergarten was erected at the corner of 59th Court and 15th Street in 1965.

As the years have gone by, the parish and school have seen a number of changes. The original church and school building from 1924 was torn down due to roof structural issues. The middle school grades were incorporated back into the grand Italian Renaissance style building. The former middle school building now functions as the church proper and meeting room Annex. Yet throughout it all, the education of children has continued.


The first students enrolled into the school.


Ground was broken and the cornerstone laid for the new school building.


The middle school building was erected.


Year of our 75th graduating class.


Our latest graduating class.


Our future 100th graduating class.

93 Years of History

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Glenn Purpura


Glenn Purpura is beginning his thirty-seventh year in education. For the past eighteen years, he has been a Principal at...