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2017-2018 RatesAmountNotes
Registration Fee$300.00Per Family
Early Registration Discount$150.00Register on or before March 1, 2017
PreK Tuition$5,398.00per child
Available PreK Discounts
Parish Stewardship$450.00One per famliy
PreK for All$2,840.00State Program
Action for Children$4,528.00State Program – Maximum Possible aid
Annual Prepay Discount5%
Trimester Prepay Discount2%
Kindergarten to 8th Grade Tuition$4,865Per child
Available K-8 Discounts
Parish Stewardship$450.00One per family
2nd Child Discount$2,286.0047% reduction
3rd Child Discount$2,498.0051.3% reduction
Additional Children Discount$3,365.00Discount per child
Caritas AwardArchdiocesan Assistance for 3 years based on need for families new to Catholic education
Annual Prepay Discount5%
Trimester Prepay Discount2%
Finanical AidVaries based on need and available fundsAssistance awarded will not reduce tuition payments below $1,500.00